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Tuesday, November 15

Sometimes you need to let go, because you will never find the right person if you are still with the wrong people.
Sometimes, letting go of someone isn't that hard. It's just hard because I still think that there's a chance.
The hardest thing about leaving you was realizing I may never meet another person that can make me as happy as you could.
It’s crazy how you think you actually meant something to someone and then they just turn around and prove you wrong.
 I thought you felt the same, but it turns out I was wrong. Again!
be someone lovable doesn't mean you have to please everyone.
A lot of people will still love you just the way you are.

You never know how real and delicate life really is until you lose someone close to you.
Someone that you never imagined living life without you

At one point, your heart has to choose between the one you have always loved, and the one you truly love.

Sometimes when I start to loose something, I began to realize how much I want it.


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