l and there's rainbow on the other side l life ends when we stop dreaming l spend more time trying to be better for yourself l

Tuesday, November 15

Sometimes you need to let go, because you will never find the right person if you are still with the wrong people.
Sometimes, letting go of someone isn't that hard. It's just hard because I still think that there's a chance.
The hardest thing about leaving you was realizing I may never meet another person that can make me as happy as you could.
It’s crazy how you think you actually meant something to someone and then they just turn around and prove you wrong.
 I thought you felt the same, but it turns out I was wrong. Again!
be someone lovable doesn't mean you have to please everyone.
A lot of people will still love you just the way you are.

You never know how real and delicate life really is until you lose someone close to you.
Someone that you never imagined living life without you

At one point, your heart has to choose between the one you have always loved, and the one you truly love.

Sometimes when I start to loose something, I began to realize how much I want it.


Thursday, November 10

kangennn :/

hey, whos that gurl yang comell bangat ni! yea, nama budak kechik ni nelly, again NELLY :D lately mcm rindu je kat nelly. nowonder la harituh rasa nak txt je kak nadya *sis kandung nelly. nak sure kan bila birthday nelly. yea i ingat sgt, budak kecik ni ckp bday dia bulan nov, but i lupa berapa hari bulan -.-' so di sbbkan takot nak txt sis dia, i tggu kalo kalo sis dia upload pic bday nelly AND ATLAST! hehe, today 10nov2011 i TERtengok dp fb kak nadya pakai gmbr nelly then ada tulis 'happy birthday nelly 7/11/11' alohh dah lps -.-' dah la tak wish pape pun, hadiah pun tak beli then kalo beli pun ikot cela mana nak bagi. sooo, now 'kita' nak wish HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOUU NELLY YANG COMELL! okayy, now nelly sgt bertuah kerana berada dlm blog 'kita' :D cause 'kita' punya blog for 'whats on my mind', hehe.  akhir kata, ecehh!  i will meet you again, wait for me nelly pokpek pokpek. uhh i missh ur laugh! && i hope nelly still ingat 'kita' nanti.

'duadua tapak tangan tepuk pipi then tepuk dada then tunjuk kat nelly'
* cara i dengan nelly  ;*




God answers in 3 ways, 
he says yes and gives you what you want, 
he says no & gives you something better, or 
he says wait & gives you the best!!

Tuesday, November 8

工 ♥ ㄚ◯∪!

 工 ♥ ㄚ◯∪!
Im single by choice and I will continue to be till I meet someone that deserves me.

Wednesday, November 2


Most relationships fail not because of absence of love,
but because girls love too much & boys love too many.

Tuesday, November 1

not really sure -.-'


give up?

My mind tells me to give up, but my heart wont let me!



thats fakta ;D

hey baby november!

no matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day. thankful for your life.
someone somewhere else is fighting to survive. remember!