l and there's rainbow on the other side l life ends when we stop dreaming l spend more time trying to be better for yourself l

Sunday, October 30

look like i care?

 when people hate u, be nice to them. so that they will hate their self for hating u :)

dear :)

dear Allah , show me the wayy :D

i realize!

The best way to avoid disappointment , is to not expect anything from anyone :)
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Thursday, October 27

what im learn.

five simple rules for happiness :

- free your heart from hatred
- free your mind from worries 
- live simply
 - give more 
- expect less

stay strong nana :)

my future.

like i wanted for my future :)

a moment :')

Anyone can make you happy by doing something special. but only someone special can make you happy without doing anything 
thank you for making me laugh, when i'd forgotten how to :')

Wednesday, October 26



Tuesday, October 25

im tired


Wednesday, October 19

i meant it

 i wonder how it feels like to be loved by you smurfs and i hope im not the one feel it.

distance is just another test, i'll believe.

I'm not trying anymore. I'm still here for you, but if you wont me in your life, it’s up to you.
if we were actor filming a love scene, i'd make a small mistakes. so we'd have to try again.
do you know how it feels to let go someone you really love for a long time, just to make them happy? 
i dont give up to make you happy smurfs.
alhamdulillah for all the good and bad :')

can't said



just now!

i'm in mood confused -,-
Like this if you’ve ever loved someone you couldn’t have.

Monday, October 17

be patient :)

HOLAAA! now what? yea, be patient is half of faith :) bagus la for whos yg ada sifat bersabar. but what will be happen if tahap kesabaran dah habes? yea kita biasa dgr org ckp 'sabar tuh ada tahapnya'. depends on diri la nak letak tahap sabar tuh sampai mana. yea, then now yg buat i still trauma when someone yg i sayangg now, said 'saya masih boleh bersabar dengan awak' . weyhh! pusing kepala ni tahu? kalau jelah tahap kesabaran dia dah habes, apa jd dgn i? mybe like this - 'heyhey - byebye' haha, okayy i takot :'/ maleh nak fikir banyak actly, but i should. yea takde org yg marah tanpa sebab, kalau ada pun org gilaa. tapi mybe dia tatao knp i 'macam tuh', ce kalo die kat tmpt i. yea bak kata dia - 'ala msg je pun' JE PUNNN! haha, ckp guna gigi memeyh la. yea, now ada satu benda yg i patot bagitao dia tapi i takot, haha. something yg kelakar je actly :D sumpah! okay takpe la, simpan dulu. yea banyak actly nak cite cite dgn dia. tapi tulah, tiap yg besh tuhla yg mesti diabai kan. takpe nana faham :) *senyum tak ikhlas. whatever is, i'll wish everything will be okayy. amin && i'm sorry for my bad attitude *salam cium tangan. yea one things you should know, i happy since i kenal youuu :) i hope you born to make me happy smufrs :)
I'm afraid to break somebody's heart. Why? Because I know how it feels.

Thursday, October 6

no entry :/

okayy, i tatao nak stat dari mana. i tatao apa yg i rasa now. bukan nya taleh jujur, just i malu dgn diri i sendiri. ish, benda ni telalu awal kot. i taleh salahkan sesapa. mybe salah diri i sendiri :/ ish nth la, tak kot! bukan salah i. salah dia! bodoh laa i pun tatao ape yg i merepek ni. i taleh curhatkan kat sini. i need my friends! aween ain syha, NAK MEET :(

okayy, now i realize.
im not good enough for . . .
kboii :(




im sick inside!


Tuesday, October 4

mood mood mood :):




god gives us people to love and things to use. not things to love and people to use.